Tea and people 2023.05.02

【TEA vol.1】What’s Shincha-新茶-?

Tea is a beloved drink around the world. We will explore various aspects of Osumi tea and provide information to help you better understand and enjoy it.

Sincha is a special tea that can only be tasted during this season, harvested the tea tree has accumulated many nutrients over the winter.
Please enjoy the deep flavor and the refreshing and calming scent.


The Secret to the Deliciousness of Shincha – Part 1

One of the reasons for the strong umami and sweetness you feel when drinking Shincha, the first tea of the season, is due to the amino acid called theanine, which is slowly stored in the tree from autumn to winter when the tea leaves are not harvested. In spring, theanine, which is an amino acid, travels through the branches and reaches the new buds of Shincha through the parent leaves, and the amount of theanine in Shincha is said to be three times higher than that in later harvest teas.
In addition, compared to umami components, polyphenols (bitter components) that protect the new buds from sunlight and UV rays are relatively low in amount.
The reason why new tea tastes delicious is because it has a subtle astringency, emphasized umami, and sweetness.


The Secret to Shincha’s Deliciousness – Part 2

Shincha, the first tea of the season, is characterized by its fresh aroma, which captures the essence of spring.
Among the scents associated with green tea are those reminiscent of fresh leaves and flowers, created by the complex interaction of over 300 compounds in the buds. Since Shincha grows slowly over winter, it contains plenty of aroma and umami components. 
Enjoy the deep umami and sweetness, as well as the refreshing and calming aroma of Shincha.