Information 2023.10.26

【THE LEAFIES 2023 (U.K.)】 “Kakuhori Black Tea Benifuki” won the Gold Prize in the Japanese black tea category

During “THE LEAFIES 2023“, a leaf tea contest hosted by UKT Academy in the UK,

our “Kakuhori Black Tea Benifuki” won the Gold Award, the highest award within the Japanese black tea category.

The United Kingdom is well known for tea, so it is an honor to win this prestigious award.

It is our sincere pleasure to be able to offer our sincere thanks to all of our customers for their continued support.



What is “The LEAFIES”?

The Leafies is “the world’s best leaf tea festival” hosted by the UK Tea Academy* in the United Kingdom and has been held since 2022.

The UK Tea Academy is a UK-based organization that trains tea professionals from around the world in the tea industry.