Information 2024.03.17

『Till the last drop / 堀口製茶、茶づくりの匂いと音。』

“Till the Last Drop / Horiguchi Seicha, the sounds and smells of tea making.”

The driving forces behind Horiguchi Seicha are the “power of imagination” that generates ideas, and the “power of action” that is utilized in the actual production of tea.

Rather than holding back due to fear of failure, all employees should strive to first think about what they can do now.
Without being bound by old ideas, we always explore, research, and plan new methods and incorporate them into tea making.

Bringing Japan’s wonderful tea culture to the world.
Our dream is to see Japanese tea in our daily lives wherever we go in the world.

Horiguchi Seicha will continue to take on new challenges without the fear of failure.





Produced by: Kyushu Island Work
Director: Masaya Inaba (sankaku)
Animator: Noriko Ishibe
Animation production: sankaku
Music: Hitoshi Suzuki (SSSSS)
Cooperation: Kyoto Seika University