Information 2023.08.01

Five tea products were awarded at the “GREAT TASTE 2023”, which is known as the “Oscars of Food”!

We are pleased to announce that five teas have won prizes at the British international food contest GREAT TASTE 2023!


❮ Awards / Tea ❯
2-star award
“Kakuhori Yutaka Midori Deep Steamed Sencha”
“Ryokucha Densetsu Kiwami”
1 star award
“Ryokucha Densetsu Competition Blend”
“Ryokucha Densetsu House Blend”
“TEAET Oolong Black Tea Osumi Ginger”


All the staff are very happy and honored to receive the award for “Kakuhori Yutakamidori Fukamushi Sencha,” which bears the name of Kagoshima Prefecture’s representative tea cultivar “Yutakamidori,” and the main product, “Ryokucha Densetsu.” We will continue to strive to spread Kagoshima tea and Japanese tea to the world, so we appreciate your continued support.

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